COVID-19 Recommendations

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There are currently no regulations in place in Norway related to COVID-19. In order to reduce the risk of infection while attending the ASSW 2022 the following measurements are recommended: Stay at home / in your hotel if you are sick. Test yourself if you have COVID-19 symptoms. Good hand hygiene - there is hand disinfectant available at the ASSW venue Good cough and sneezing etiquette Feel free to use a face mask and keep your distance during the ASSW COVID-19 rapid antigen tests for self-testing and face masks are available in every grocery store and pharmacy in Tromsø. There will be some rapid COVID-19 tests and facemasks available at the information desk if you develop symptoms while at the venue. Please note that there will not be any restrictions in place at the ASSW venue, such as 1m distance or wearing face masks. More information about what to do when developing symptoms or testing positive can be found on the COVID-19 facts and general advice page of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health . More

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