ASSW 2025 organizers are now accepting session proposals for the ICARP IV Summit. Within the overall theme of “Arctic Research Planning for the Next Decade”, sessions are invited to address the following areas:

  • Research topics that align with one or more of the seven existing ICARP IV Research Priority Team Areas.
  • Research topics that are critical for Arctic research planning to consider, but are broader than or not included within any of the seven existing ICARP IV Research Priority Team Areas. For example, topics here may include emerging Arctic threats, new areas in social science, Arctic economies, etc.
  • Matters that are important to Arctic research planning and implementation. For example, topics here may include science policy, research evaluation, research ethics, scenario planning, international funding and coordination mechanisms, etc.

ICARP IV Summit Session application guidelines

Each session should be convened by a minimum of two and a maximum of three conveners. The involvement of early-career and/or Indigenous participants as session conveners is very strongly encouraged.

The call for sessions is open through 14 June 2025. Please direct questions regarding the ICARP IV Call for sessions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Session proposals will be reviewed by the ASSW 2025 Program Committee in July 2024. A call for presentation abstracts for the approved sessions will open from 12 August to 20 September 2024. Abstracts will be evaluated by the session conveners with decisions to be communicated by 30 October 2024. The program will be finalized in November 2024.